What Goes in a Smoothie?

by Dan | Last Updated: January 11, 2021

Smoothies can be a wonderful way to get you day started- provided you do it right. You should use only whole fruits and veggies and healthy supplements- and avoid any ingredients that have added sugars such as frozen yogurt.

If you want to change up your morning smoothie, below you’ll find some superfoods that you can simply toss in your blender to increase the nutritional value- and taste- of your morning smoothie.


Let’s face it- everyone needs more green veggies in their diet. By throwing something green and leafy into your morning smoothie, you get your day off on the right foot. Consider adding some spinach or kale to increase the vitamin and mineral content of your smoothie. If you prefer, you can use a veggie powder or liquid greens.


Instead of using water, use some cooled tea. You can find a matcha powder that you can add to your smoothie- made from whole green tea plants and filled with antioxidants. You can find blends that can help increase your energy, sleep patterns, and help with digestion.


If you enjoy adding milk/yogurt to your smoothie, consider trying kefir. This is a fermented drink that is made from milk from sheep, cows, or goats.

Most people find that they can digest this much easier than whole milk. If you can’t tolerate dairy, you can also find kefir that has been made from alternatives, such as soy.

Banana Powder

If you’d like to have the benefit of the potassium without having the bulk of an actual banana in your smoothie, consider banana powder instead. This is created from bananas that have been dried and milled. The potassium content makes it much like a natural energy drink following your workout.

Nut/Seed Butters

A spoonful of natural nut/seed butter adds the healthy fat that you need to your smoothie.

This is very important because the fat helps your body be able to absorb the fat-soluble vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin E and Vitamin A. You can find nut butters that are made without sugars or other additives.

If you like, you can make your own hemp butter- simply place hemp oil and hearts in your food processor with some butter and blend.

Flax Seeds

In order to take advantage of the healthy omega-3 fatty acids, you must have ground flax seeds. These are perfect for tossing into your smoothie. Plus, they are full of fiber and protein. If you prefer to have a smooth morning smoothie, consider using flax powder instead.


Coconuts have tons of great benefits. You can add coconut water to your smoothie instead of other liquids to get necessary electrolytes and almost fat-free hydration.

If you don’t have access to fresh coconuts, you can also obtain it in a powder form to make it easy for when you’re on the go. However, you must be cautious, as the powdered form does have added sugars.

You can also purchase coconut-water based milks that blend well in your smoothies and just a little coconut oil can give you the energy that you need as well as the healthy fats to help your body absorb the nutrients.

Protein Powder

All you have to do is take a look around and you’ll find more and more protein powders available on the market. When you put a serving of protein powder into your smoothie, it makes it much more filling.

If you’re allergic to soy, you do have some options as well- the vegan protein powders. Plus, you can get them in flavored and unflavored, depending on what you prefer.

Chia Seeds

When we look back at history, the Aztecs used chia seeds in many things. It seems they had it figured out. Chia seeds have tons of fiber and omega-3 fats.

In addition, you’ll find that they have lots of calcium- and according to recent research, could be beneficial in the prevention of diabetes.

If you’re wondering, yes- these are the same seeds you’d spread on a Chia Pet. Keep in mind though, that when you mix chia seeds with water and other liquids, they thicken.

Maca Products

If you’re someone that must always have some caffeine, consider using maca in your smoothie in the mornings. This comes from a root plant that is native to Peru and is a great source of natural iodine. However, if you’re on a low-iodine diet due to medical reasons, you must avoid this.


If you are a chocolate lover, cacao is a wonderful way to add this flavor to your smoothie without having the additional fats and sugars. Cacao beans are the seeds from which the coco butter and solids are extracted. These are filled with flavonoids and are minimally processed, so the nutrients in them are pretty much left intact.

Non-Dairy Milks

A great way to mix things up is to choose a dairy alternative for your smoothie. Plus, this will give your smoothie a different taste. You can get hemp milk in a variety of flavors- with and without added sugars- and boost your omega-3 fats and calcium content.

You can also use almond milk if you want to avoid dairy, but you must be aware of the high content of sugar in the varieties you purchase in the store. If you have allergies, you can also choose rice milk as a viable alternative.

As you can see, there are tons of things you can put into a smoothie. These are some of the most popular. When you make a smoothie at home, the choice is yours- you can do whatever you like!